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SGS Ltd. provides highly effective, professional, and hygienic outdoor cleaning services to sanitize and decontaminate your domestic or commercial premises, protecting your building against harmful dirt, bacteria, or cross-viral transmission as a result of COVID-19. Our sanitisation and decontamination services are suitable for shops, pubs, homes, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and more, ensuring that you and the rest of the public stay safe and protected from viral COVID-19 in accordance with HSE guidelines.

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Based in Dublin, SGS Ltd. offer expert graffiti removal , power washing , hot washing,  soft washing and painting services to both domestic and commercial clients. Our team has plentiful experience in the care and management of graffiti, power washing, soft washing and painting. We ensure that our clients get the best possible results each and every time. Any graffiti can be efficiently removed without affecting the original surface or leaving any tell-tale shadowing. Our power washing services bring walls, pathways and driveway etc back to nearly new. The gentle exterior wall treatment of soft wash is perfect for surfaces with Algae / moss issues and will not ruin the facade or interrupt any  flora or small animals in the area.

Our invaluable experience in the removal of graffiti , power washing or soft washing means that we keep up to date with the latest products. Our team can recommend the best cleaning and removal products, including anti-graffiti coatings. We are dedicated to our client’s image and use coatings that keep the surface permanently protected post treatment and allow you to remove any unwanted grafitti / stains in a completely easy, safe and economical fashion.

At Smart Graffiti Solutions Ltd, we provide a 24 hour call service for all our customers Nationwide.

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About Us

At SGS Ltd. we have years of experience in providing first-rate graffiti cleaning and protection services. This means that when it comes to graffiti removal, we really know our stuff and our results prove it!
Graffiti is a common appearance these days, whether it be on brick walls in housing estates or the glass and metal facades of top financial institutions. Total graffiti removal from any surface requires expertise and the most advanced range of graffiti cleaning chemicals possible. Fortunately, at Smart Graffiti Solutions we have an abundance of both and can remove any graffiti from its surface.