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For the experienced, professional and cost-effective commercial painting and decorating in Dublin and nationwide, get in contact with SGS Ltd. today.

Commercial Painting And Decorating

SGS Ltd. remain one of Dublin’s best commercial painting and decorating services. Our team of expert painter decorators have completed projects in some of Dublin and Ireland’s most prestigious and well-known buildings. By combining the very best paints and equipment with the experience and expertise of our team we can completely truly stunning painting and decorating projects in all types of businesses. From office painting services to retail spaces our team offer cost-effective and efficient services that minimise the disruption to your commercial space.
What’s more, we can work with your brand guidelines to create a space that conforms to your branding. From logo compliant colours to elegant wallpaper that communicates a business’s market position, our commercial painting and decorating is perfect for all types of businesses.


To request a free, no-obligation painting and decorating quote, get in contact with SGS Ltd. today.

Our Paint Brand Suppliers


Why Choose us for your Commercial Painting and Decorating Service?


We have worked with a huge range of clients and completed a massive variety of projects including painting and decorating large commercial spaces, offices, retail spaces, etc. This wide range of experience is a testament to the quality of our workmanship and expertise


Our efficient work practices, long-standing relationships with suppliers and project management expertise mean we can complete large scale painting and decorating projects at the best price possible. Our completive pricing doesn’t mean we compromise on quality, instead, our efficiency allows us to pass savings onto our customers.

Customer Service

At SGS Ltd. we always put the customer first. Our team are always available to communicate details about the project and we can work in conjunction with contractors, brand offices, business owners or landlords.

For additional information on our commercial painting and decorating projects, get in contact with SGS Ltd. today.

Commercial Painting And Decorating FAQ

I need Commercial Painting And Decorating near me. What is your catchment area?

We are a Dublin based painting Decorating company that offer our full range of painting and decorating services to clients in Dublin and the surrounding counties.

What kind of commercial spaces does SGS Ltd paint and decorate?

Our services are available to a huge variety of buildings and properties including:

- Office Spaces
- Retail Units
- Restaurants
- Bars
- Nightclubs
- Etc.

For a free painting and decorating quote on the above or any other commercial property, please contact our Dublin offices today.

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