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Graffiti Removal

Nationwide 24/7

SGS Ltd. uses state of the art high pressured power washers for the cleaning of buildings and pavements. This will remove graffiti, dirt, grease and even chewing gum.
Our high powered cleaning system aids the transformation of stone and concrete surfaces back to their original and natural appearance. We work with a broad range of clients, including private customers, county councils, commercial businesses and much more.
SGS Ltd. power washing services include power washing for walkways, platforms, patios, streets, steps, laneways, buildings, metal cladding and much more! Find out more here.
At SGS Ltd., our staff are fully safe pass trained. Our thorough safety training guarantees that staff and pedestrians are safe during the graffiti removal process. We use environmentally friendly stain removers and cleaners for stubborn stains, ensuring that nothing Is damaged during removal. At SGS Ltd., we are known for our excellent service and affordable pricing.


Emergency Graffiti Removal

At SGS Ltd. we understand just how frustrating it can be to discover graffiti on your property. This can be damaging for your business and of course your private life. We offer an emergency graffiti removal for clients from all over Dublin and beyond. We are known for our fast callout service and speedy removal process.

Emergency Graffiti Removal

For Emergency Graffiti removal nationwide services contact us now

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